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Fort Bend Bail Bonds Information

Fort Bend Bail Bonds Information

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Understanding Bail Bonds in Richmond TX

Bail is a common term utilized in the legal system. It is when a defendant or accused party can secure temporary release from custody. This, of course, depends on the judge and whether he or she grants bail. Under the 18th Amendment, you have a legal right to reasonable bail. The legal system, however, determines your overall eligibility to be awarded bail. If granted, the accused go on with their lives as they prepare for their day in court. In criminal cases, bail is considered a form of collateral. In fact, it can be a pre-determined sum of money, along with real property or a surety bond. This can be posted by the defendant or by a close friend or loved on behalf of him or her. This simply guarantees the individual will appear in court.

How Do Bail Bonds in Fort Bend County Work? 

We’ve all heard this legal term at one time or another over the years. In order to temporarily secure a defendant’s release, bail amount is set by the presiding judge or court. Bail, however, is often provided and processed via "bonds.” Bonds are offered by fully licensed and certified bail bond agencies. These agencies assess fees in order to provide bond services. This is usually 10% of the bond; however, it depends on the agency and its criteria/requirements. In Texas, state law allows surety companies to provide bonds that guarantee bail payment in full. This, however, is if the defendant fails to appear for all schedules court dates. This is similar to insurance policies in many ways.

What exactly is a Bail Bond in Fort Bend County?

A bail bond secures a criminal defendant’s appearance in court. This is a financial guarantee, which can be posted either by the defendant or someone close to him or her. The latter can include a family member, friends, or even a co-worker. After bail is posted, the defendant must appear in court according to the designated dates. Failure to appear on those scheduled dates can result in bond forfeiture.

The Role of a Bail Bond Guarantor/Indemnitor

A guarantor/indemnitor for a bail bond takes the financial responsibility of guaranteeing the full bond amount. They are also held responsible for the defendant while he or she is out on bail.

Bail Bond Exoneration

Bail bond exoneration refers to end of the trial or legal process. Whether innocent or proven guilty, the bond liability is discharged. Any unpaid premium assessed by the bail agency on the defendant’s behalf, however, is still owed to that respective firm. This can include fees or additional charges incurred by the agency.

When Bail Bond Forfeiture in Fort Bend County takes Place

Bail bond forfeiture in Fort Bend County takes place when the defendant misses a designated court appearance. In this instance, a bench warrant is then issued for his or her arrest. The Fort Bend County court also sets a strict deadline for finding the defendant and returning him or her to custody. This deadline also determined if the bail bond will be reinstated, or whether the amount must be paid in full to the court.

Reinstating a Bail Bond in Fort Bend County

Reinstating a bail bond is an intricate and thorough process. The process enables a defendant to have his or her bench warrant removed. The bail bond can then be re-activated or reinstated with the respective court. The defendant can only request these protocols if he or she has experienced a bail bond forfeiture. Since this is a legal matter, the process usually requires an attorney to monitor all actions. This process can also result in fees paid by the bond agency. These fees, however, are then passed onto the defendant or his/her indemnitors. Since this is a time-consuming process, it can take several months for the court to process both the fees and billing.

Are Bail Bonds Refundable?

The defendant and/or indemnitors bare the financial responsibility of premiums and additional fees/expenses. These, of course, must be paid to the bail agency that incurred these charges on their behalf. These monies, however, are earned at the time the defendant is released from legal custody. As a result, they are not subject to return. The same principle is also applied if the case is dismissed or the defendant is found innocent of all charges. It is also applied if the defendant returns to custody for another offense. If you utilized a bail agency to post your bond, they are initially responsible for paying the amount in full to the court.

What the Court Considers when Fixing the Bail Amount

There are several things the court considers when determining bail amounts for defendants. First off, the bail amount falls within the discretion of the presiding judge. There are, however, two general limitations:

While many people associate bail with hard line criminals, this is simply a myth. Remember, bail is designed to ensure the appearance of the defendant in court. It is not designed to punish or penalize the defendant in any way. If, however, the court feels the defendant is a high flight risk, the judge may order him or her to remain in lock-up until their court date. With these aspects and facets in mind, it is ultimately up to the judge to decide whether bail will be granted or not.

When determining the bail amount, the court also takes several factors into consideration. This includes the seriousness of the offense, along with the defendant’s prior criminal record. The judge closely examines the defendant’s past history in terms of court trials or hearings as well.

At times, many of us see those in positions of advantage secure timely bail. These bail amounts, however, are specific to the defendant and the certain legal circumstances he or she finds them in. These amounts are also under the scope and discretion of the judge at hand. While the amount can surely relate to their financial status in society, it is not considered a deciding factor. At the same time, however, excessive bail amounts are considered both improper and a violation of constitutional rights. Therefore, judges use strict criteria and years of extensive judicial experience when issuing fixed bail amounts.

If the judge sets a higher amount of bail, he or she must state the reasons for this on the record. This is especially true if the usual or scheduled amount increases due to threats made against victims or witnesses. If this is not the case, the court still considers evidence offered by all defendants in regards to posting bond. This can include the detained person’s status in the community, along with business ownership and other past civic accolades and achievements. Once the evidence is gathered, the court will determine and set the bail amount. This, however, must be within the minimum (not the maximum) range amount of bail that assures the defendant’s appearance in court.

When fixing the bail amount, the court also factors in public safety. If they deem the defendant is a danger to the community as a whole, the court can easily throw out bail as an option. The same can be applied if they believe the defendant is a high flight risk. Since the court retains the power in these matters, they are able to inquire about allegations of injury to the victim. The defendant may also be refused bond if he or she has made further threats to the victim or witnesses. The defendant’s past history with deadly weapons and controlled substances also comes into play.

What is the Cost of a Bail Bond?

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24 Hour Fort Bend County Bail Bonds Call (281) 232-4135

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