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My Loved One Been Arrested in Fort Bend County

If your loved one has been arrested in Fort Bend County, here is what you need to know and what you need to do. Afast Bail Bonds has been providing bail bonds services in Fort Bend County for many years is a top rated bail bonds company.

What to do if your loved one has been arrested

Here is quickest processes to follow once you find out your loved one has been arrested and is in jail, and you want to get them out. 

  1. Don't panic. Many good people have gone through this very same process. The process to get out of jail is pretty straightforward. 

  2. Wait for the bond amount (you can perform an inmate search here)

  3. Call a Bail Bondsman. Our number is 281-232-4135

What you need to know if your loved one has been arrested in Fort Bend County. 

Every person arrested in Fort Bend County will most likely end up at the Fort Bend County Jail

If your loved one has been arrested in Fort Bend County, whether they were arrested by a municipal police department, like Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosenberg, Stafford, Missouri City, Katy or others, or they were arrested by a deputy for the Fort Bend County Sheriff's office, they will be transferred or end up in the Fort Bend County Jail.

Fort Bend County Jail Information

The Fort Bend County Jail is located in downtown Richmond, TX

Fort Bend County Jail PHYSICAL ADDRESS
1410 Ransom Road
Richmond, TX 77469

Fort Bend County Jail Phone Numbers  


Fort Bend County Jail Fax

Before Getting out of Jail, a Judge must set a bond amount.

After someone has been arrested and booked into jail, a judge will choose, based on the crime(s), whether or not to set a bond, allowing the arrested individual to be released until their trial date.  If the judge sets a bail amount, he or she will send that information over to the Fort Bend County Jail. Once the bail amount has been set, the process of getting out of jail can begin.

FYI - If the person has been arrested on more than one charge, each charge usually carries it's own bail amount.

Fort Bend County Inmate Lookup

It's a good idea to check the official charges and bail amounts set for the person arrested. The most up to date info can be accessed publicly by performing a search for the inmate's name on the Fort Bend County Website. Fort Bend's Inmate look up can be found here.

You can bail Someone Out of the Fort Bend County Jail by paying Cash or Contacting a Bonding Company

Paying Cash

If you choose to pay cash for your bond, you must pay the full amount to the Fort Bend County jail, prior to having your loved on released. 

Contacting a Bonding Company

If you choose to contact a bail bonds company in Richmond, they will assume responsibility for making sure you show up for your assigned court date. The amount most bonding companies issuing surety bonds in Fort Bend County charge is 10% of the full bond amount. Many people prefer this option over paying cash, as it represents a 90% savings up front, compared to paying cash directly to the county. 

The county does charge a $15 fee for each bond assessed through a Fort Bend Bail Bonding company. 

The Booking Out Process Usually Takes up to Three Hours

Upon declaration of a bond amount and bond payment has been successfully received, the a person can usually be released from the Fort Bend County Jail within three hours. Fort Bend County Sheriff, Troy Nehls, says the booking out process takes between 90 minutes and three hours. 

Basic Fort Bend County Bookout Process

If you've posted bond, here is the overview of the way a person is released from the Fort Bend County Jail. 

  1. The person must be positively identified through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System.
  2. There will be a warrant check performed by the National Crime Information Center to ensure the person being released doesn't have any outstanding warrants. 
  3. The person will then be escorted from their prison unit to the booking and release center.
  4. Upon arrival, the person will be notified of their set court date and be required to sign all bond and release paperwork.
  5. The person may then be allowed to change from their inmate issued uniform to their own clothing. 
  6. The person will then be taken to the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Detention Lobby, where they will be released from custody. 
  7. View the official bookout document, issued by the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, here

Not Every Bail Bonds Company is the Same. 

Choose a reputable Bail Bonds Company

Don't take choosing a bail bonds company lightly. There are quite a few in Fort Bend County, and many of them do bonding in addition to other things. Choose a company whose sole focus is on providing the best bail bonding experience available, an experience you deserve. Check out the company's reviews on google. Look at both the number of reviews and the rating. A lot of high ratings usually means a lot of satisfied clients. Beware of a company that tries to offer you steep discounts just to earn your business. A good bonding company is worth the average price for a bond.

A list of approved Fort Bend County Bail Bonds Companies can be found here.

Choose a Responsive and Courteous Bail Bonds Company

Getting arrested doesn't always happen at convenient times. Most bail bonds companies say they are open 24/7, but not all really are. Regardless of the time, you should call a bonding company you know will answer and get you processed right away. 

Choose a Compassionate and Discreet Bail Bonds Company

A good bail bonds company knows that bad things happen to good people. They won't judge you. They are there to help you. They are also there to work for you and keep your business discreet. Not only should they care but they should keep your business between you. You and your family are already going through enough. 

Have Any Questions About Bail Bonds in Fort Bend County?

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